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A fast, fun, action game, sure to keep you entertained

Game Characters

Who's in the game?

Angry George

Meet George, he's angry because his house is full of mosquito's. It's your job to help him swat, hit, zap and kill those pesky bugs!

The mosquito's

The cause of George's anger! They are happily buzzing around and generally bugging George, it's up to you to help George chase them and zap them!


Don't let the bunny slippers fool you, Amy is just as angry as George (maybe more) and is lethal with that bug zapper so look out!.


The latest ZapIt news and updates

New levels added

A premium version of ZapIt! will be launching soon with new levels and powerups. Help George clear not only his kitchen, but other rooms inside and areas outside of his house.

New PowerUps

New PowerUps available including "mosquito bomb" and a "mosquito zap". Available soon from both the Apple store and Google Play store.


Tuesday's tips

It's Tuesday, so it's tip time. This was sent by James from Albuquerque, NM who says "Stay near the center of the screen, move as little as possible from left to right - running takes valuable time, just keep still and swat the mosquito's as fast as you can!"

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